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August 03, 2009


Jenny L.

He is BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations Hunt family!


6:26 or 6:36? I have the former written down... I don't always trust hospital calls since Susan Quinn gave me the total wrong spelling of her second's name from the hospital years ago and didn't realize it (though it seemed weird to me) until a few days later, hee hee.

Photo #1 definitely indicates red hair, but neither of these photos smack of identical twindom with either of his siblings. Time will tell : )


p.s. [waving] hi insufferable mama of mine, winner of all the contests about this baby...


We've been waiting and checking all day :) --- it was worth it! Welcome Eli- You are beautiful and blessed indeed with loving family and friends. OX The McGraw's

Mary Jo

He really is beautiful :0)


yea!!! elizabeth called last night with the wonderful news! he is just beautiful and i am so very happy for you all! congrats!


Welcome, welcome Baby Elijah! So happy for you all Hunt Family!

Cousin Julie

Baby Elijah we are so happy you are here.
Momma and Daddy he sure is a cutie.
Laural and Jonah you are sure lucky to have a baby brother to play with.
We love you all.


Congrats! Love the name. I had actually been leaning toward Elijah as a middle name for ours, but that would be getting a little too biblical. hee hee


He is precious!! Congrats again! I'm just so happy for you. Glad to hear all is well!

Lots of love,


Congratulations, J, C, L & J...baby E is gorgeous!! So happy for you all...yes, I see a resemblance to big sis & bro, but some differences as well...can't wait to see more! xo K


Congrats! OK, now get to work finshing up the decorating in the boys' room! :)


Congratulations to you all! He is beautiful and is coming into a very loving family! Our best to the five of you!

Mike, Amy, Jordan, Shane, Troy and Keaton Borger

Julie Udani

He is just beautiful. Congrats to everyone. Please tell Laurel that Tara thinks she'll be a great big sister -- again! Love to everyone!



I love him! Another adorable Hunt for sure:) Wishing everyone the best and just remember that sleep deprivation is short lived - and one of those things I am sure is meant to teach us something about life in general!


He is beautiful!! We are so happy for the Hunt family! What a great addition!
Much love, Jen, Ike & Brett


Since I don't have any new pictures to comment on, I'll comment on these some more (heh): I can't believe how wide open his eyes are! Lovely.


Yippee!! He's gorgeous :) Blessings to you and the fam.


Congratulations! So precious, I hope he and mama are both feeling well. Welcome to the world Elijah!


Congratulations and well done...and baby Elijah shares a birthday with Nikki!

I can't believe that it has almost been a year since your family shared DC with us :)


congratulations!!!!!! he is just gorgeous!!!


What a precious little guy, he's perfect! Congratulations, I'm so glad everything turned out well.

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